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    Our Expansion Plans

    South Placer County is one of the fastest growing areas of the country. As the area grows, Sutter Roseville Medical Center is meeting the challenge to sufficiently serve the growing number of Placer County residents and the increasing health care needs of the community.

    "Sutter Roseville Medical Center is fortunate to be part of a vibrant and growing community that holds a bright future," says Pat Brady, CEO of Sutter Roseville Medical Center. "As the community continues to expand, the hospital also must expand to sufficiently serve the growing number of Placer County residents."

    Sutter Roseville Medical Center’s Master Plan provides a phased strategic road map that incorporates analysis of current capabilities and the future needs of the Sutter Roseville campus and the rapidly growing community.

    "Sutter Roseville is dedicated to improving the overall health of the community," adds Brady. "We are excited to expand our physician base and programs and services to keep up with the growing demand from the community."

    Sutter Roseville Medical Center has completed the following expansion projects:

    Sutter Rehabilitation Institute

    As a Level II Trauma Center, Sutter Roseville often treats patients with the most serious injuries and illnesses. Once they are stabilized, however, they must often receive ongoing, intensive rehabilitation and therapy. To meet the growing needs of the trauma center patients and the thousands of patients statewide who need acute rehabilitation services, Sutter Roseville Medical Center has just completed the 55-bed Sutter Rehabilitation Institute which officially opened on December 8, 2008.

    Our CARF-certified Sutter Rehabilitation Institute is a highly specialized unit providing an intensive, interdisciplinary program directed to help restore function, independence and quality of life to patients severely impaired by trauma, disease or illness.

    The Sutter Rehabilitation Institute opened with 40 beds and has recently expanded to 55 beds to provide expert care. In addition to the best in medical care, patients and their families are involved in a range of rehabilitation specialties to include physicians, nursing, neuropsychological, and multiple therapies (speech, physical, occupational and recreational), along with case management and social services. The facility has three main units to care for the diverse needs of patients:

    • Brain Injury Unit - The brain injury has 10 private rooms within a secured area and separate dining and therapy areas for patients with cognitive impairments.
    • General Rehabilitation Unit - This unit focusing on providing care and treatment to patients who are working to overcome limitations due to stroke, neurological or orthopedic conditions.
    • Spinal Cord Unit - This unit provides attention to patients who are impaired by quadriplegia and paraplegia.
    • Features of the facility include:
    • Inpatient Patient Gym - Therapy sessions focused on regaining mobility, balance and strength are conducted in this large, inpatient gym.
    • Daily Living Treatment Room - Therapy is focused on retraining patients on the tasks of daily living such as cooking and other household activities.
    • Private Therapy Treatment Rooms - There are several private treatment rooms to foster an appropriate environment to restore cognitive and communication abilities.
    • Inpatient Dining & Recreation Lounge - The indoor/outdoor dining and recreation areas promote patient interaction and socialization as an important element of their rehabilitation.
    • Outdoor Therapeutic Area - This area is designed to replicate various everyday situations that patients may face in the community.
    • Independent Living Apartment - The independent living apartments feature specially designed, private treatment rooms where patients and families can re-learn and practice daily living skills such as cooking and laundry before going home.
    • Education Resource Area - Providing access to educational content and community resource information, this center serves as an invaluable resource to patients and their family members.

    If you have questions about the Sutter Rehabilitation Institute, contact Pat Blair, Rehabilitation Services Regional Director at (916) 733-8935 or, or Janice White, Administrative Director at (916) 878-2600 or

    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

    A new department, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) opened in September 2008 with 16 licensed beds serving residents in Placer County and beyond. The program will include physicians who are board certified in neonatal perinatal medicine and registered nurses with specialty training in the care of the critically ill neonate.

    The unit opened with 12 bassinets and provides immediate and advanced life-saving care to the most critically ill newborns. By offering the latest medical treatment for these fragile newborns, Sutter Roseville’s new NICU will keep parents and families closer to home, work and their other children, while allowing them more time with their newborn.

    Patient Care Tower

    As the community has grown, so has the need for more hospital beds. The Patient Care Tower provides 90 new beds and houses the Oncology, Medical and Surgical units.

    Family Birth Center

    Sutter Roseville expanded the Family Birth Center with the opening of a renovated wing that features 24 private post-partum rooms for new mothers who have given birth.

    This renovated wing doubles the number of private post-partum rooms in the Family Birth Center from 12 to 24 rooms and features a new well-baby nursery that accommodates 30 bassinettes.

    Family Birth Center 2nd C-Section OR

    The Family Birth Center added a second caesarean section operating room, which is now in use, to allow Family Birth Center physicians and staff to seamlessly handle emergency deliveries while still accommodating the increasing number of scheduled C-sections.

    Multi-level Parking Garage

    This structure, which opened in 2005, provides 540 additional parking spaces to the hospital campus. In addition, the helipad, which receives helicopters bearing trauma patients from seven counties, was relocated to the top of the parking structure.

    ICU Expansion

    The Trauma Neuro Intensive Care Unit added eight additional intensive care beds in December 2003 with more room in each patient care are for family members, along with anew family waiting room and a family conference and consultation room.

    Emergency Department Expansion

    The Emergency department expansion and renovation, which began September 2004, expanded the ED from 19 beds to 30 beds with new construction to improve Emergency and Trauma services to the community. Renovation has begun on the existing Emergency and Trauma Services are to update equipment to reorganize the existing space.

    Infusion Therapy Center

    The Infusion Therapy Center within the hospital relocated to 2 Medical Plaza and expanded from nine to 13 treatment stations and two private treatment rooms.

    Diagnostic Imaging

    Treatment relies on proper diagnosis of the underlying condition. Sutter Roseville Medical Center provides a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging department that includes two spiral CT scanners, an MRI unit, and the Millennium VG Hawkeye nuclear imaging machine.

    Sutter Roseville Outpatient Surgery

    This Outpatient Surgery 2 building, at 4 Medical Plaza, is the new location for expanded outpatient surgery services, including five operating rooms, which has been up and running since mid-August 2003 (previously outpatient surgery had been performed only in the hospital) and provides the Hermes voice activated surgical equipment for surgeons.

    Three Medical Plaza

    This new medical office building on the Sutter Roseville campus, which opened in 2003, houses Sutter Medical Group physicians specializing in ENT, dermatology, urology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, sports medicine and internal medicine.

    Sutter Medical Plaza, Lincoln

    This 21,000 square feet medical office complex on Twelve Bridges Road offers primary care, occupational medicine, physical therapy, lab, dentistry, cardiology, gastroenterology, and basic imaging services. There are also plans for expansion of these services in the near future.

    Well Baby Nursery

    In 2007, our Family Birth Center relocated the newborn nursery and expanded its capacity to 30 bassinets.

    Emergency Department Expansion

    In October 2005, we completed the expansion to our ED's treatment bay area, increasing the total number of treatment bays to 31.

    Additional recent expansion projects to our ED include the expansion and renovation of our trauma resuscitation area. This expands the area in which trauma patients receive vital treatment and allows for immediate diagnostic capabilities such as X-ray services - right in the trauma room.

    Additionally, a dedicated radiology room is located within the ED itself to expedite imaging services directly in the emergency department. This brings the capacity in the ED to 31 treatment areas plus 3 rapid medical exam (triage) beds.

    Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography Suite

    Recent enhancements to our cardiac services include an additional cardiac catheterization lab. We've also recently expanded our angiography services to include interventional neurological studies.