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    Mark and Bea: Lifesaving Cardiac Care Inspires Generous Gifts

    Mark and Bea: Lifesaving Cardiac Care Inspires  Generous Gifts
    Mark and Bea: Lifesaving Cardiac Care Inspires Generous Gifts

    Tending to the fruit trees and vegetables in his expansive Granite Bay yard is 83-year-old Mark’s favorite pastime. More than a decade ago, however, worsening heart problems prevented him from pursuing the activities he loved. A short walk across the yard left Mark short of breath and gasping for air, and at night he had to sleep upright in a chair in order to breathe.

    Determined to improve his health so that he would be around for his children and grandchildren, Mark sought care from Sutter Roseville Medical Center cardiologist Stephen Peters, M.D. Dr. Peters arranged for an angiogram to examine Mark’s heart and diagnosed him with severe congestive heart failure.

    “Mark’s heart did not have a coordinated rhythm. It was essentially fighting against itself, making it function less efficiently,” he said.

    Dr. Peters arranged to have a biventricular defibrillator implanted to coordinate the contractions of Mark’s heart and improve its pumping ability. Following surgery, Mark began exercising and improved his diet, closely following his cardiologist’s instructions.

    “Mark came to me at a point when he was vulnerable and ready to make a change,” says Dr. Peters. “He participated actively in his care and he also has a family that loves, supports and advocates for him. That’s important.”

    Recently, Mark’s wife, Bea, was also treated for congestive heart failure. Her Sutter cardiovascular surgeons performed an aortic valve replacement and coronary artery bypass surgery to restore blood flow to her heart. And last year, her doctor implanted a pacemaker to help her heart pump more efficiently.

    Mark and Bea are grateful for the excellent care they’ve received. “I can’t think of one person who is not on top of their game at Sutter,” commented Mark. “The doctors, nurses and staff are caring, compassionate and professional. The whole Sutter Roseville operation is first class.”

    To express their appreciation, the couple has generously supported Sutter Roseville Medical Center’s expansion efforts and cardiac services over the years. A commemorative plaque honoring Mark and Bea now hangs in the very cardiac catheterization lab where they both received lifesaving care.

    There is no cure for congestive heart failure, but with proper treatment and management, patients like Mark and Bea can continue to live full, productive lives. The pair sees Dr. Peters regularly and participates in Sutter’s Anticoagulation Management Program to monitor their blood-thinning medication in order to detect problems early and make timely medication adjustments.

    Dr. Peters believes it is their gratitude and will to live that has fueled the couple’s successful outcomes. “The interesting thing about Mark and Bea is that they possess a positive attitude, a devout faith and a strong desire to live,” he said. “It’s a message to all of us. They’re doing it right.”

    Although it takes him a little longer these days, Mark still prunes and harvests his citrus, cherry and pear trees, and grows peppers, which he cans and gifts to friends. He and Bea credit Dr. Peters and the Sutter Roseville Medical Center team for providing the outstanding care that has preserved their independence and lifestyle.

    “We feel so grateful and fortunate for our health,” Bea said. “The care we’ve gotten at Sutter over the years has been tremendous.”