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    Steve - Learning to Regain Mobility

    Steve -
    Steve - Learning to Regain Mobility

    While Steve worked with his road maintenance crew one day, the unthinkable happened. A tree fell, knocking him to the ground and nearly crushing him. Life-flighted to the hospital, Steve suffered from a concussion, intestinal damage, cracked vertebrae in his neck and a leg that was broken in three places above the ankle.

    Because Steve would be wheelchair bound for some time while his injuries healed, he needed to undergo rehabilitation to regain his strength and learn how to maneuver in a wheelchair.

    Steve’s fiancée, Kandis, had referrals to several rehab facilities. She chose Sutter Rehabilitation Institute (SRI), even though it meant a long drive back and forth from their hometown of Elk Grove to visit Steve during his rehabilitation process. She especially wanted Steve to have a private room, which SRI offered, in order to get more rest.

    Therapists at SRI worked with Steve during his three-week stay to strengthen his muscles, and taught him several techniques for managing a wheelchair. These tricks helped him get around in a wheelchair, both inside and outside the facility. He found this especially helpful for going over doorway thresholds that tended to be barriers to his mobility.

    Steve’s time at SRI was bittersweet. He was glad to be alive and on the mend, but because of his accident he and Kandis had to cancel vacation plans that included a trip to the Kentucky Derby. On race day, he was still at SRI. Making the best of it, he and Kandis dressed up in their “derby clothes” and watched the Kentucky Derby on the television in his room.

    “Everyone was great at SRI,” said Steve, now out of the wheelchair and walking again. Kandis agrees. She says she was happy with SRI because the staff was very caring and very positive during Steve’s recovery. “It was worth the drive.”

    Although they missed the Kentucky Derby this year, Steve’s accident is not stopping them from making new vacation plans to Florida and then Germany. The Derby is still on their vacation list. But with Steve on the road to recovery they have a great big future to fill.


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