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    Matt -

    Matt - Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

    What started as an innocent Cub Scout outing quickly turned into an unexpected nightmare for Cub Master, Matt, who was accidently paralyzed and left fighting to get his life back. Watch his story. . .
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    Andy -

    Andy - Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury

    Andy has always been a positive person. In fact, her physicians and care team lend her progress and remarkable recovery to her sunny outlook and determination.
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    Wayne -

    Wayne - Spinal Stenosis Couldn't Keep Him Down

    After suffering form Spinal stenosis, Wayne learned how to get back on his feet and happily can hold his children again.
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    Jordan -

    Jordan - Working Hard to Get His Life Back

    Jordan Frederick has made a miraculous comeback from a serious hiking accident two years ago that nearly claimed his life. During a hike above Angora Lake, the active father of two took a 75-foot fall into the lake, sustaining multiple injuries.
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    Steve -

    Steve - Learning to Regain Mobility

    After being crushed by a fallen tree, Steve learns to maneuver in a wheelchair while regaining strength.
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    Tom -

    Tom - Returning to Life After a Devastating Crash

    Tom was involved in a devastating car crash and with the help of SRI is now back at home on his farm.
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    Elliott -

    Elliott - Grateful Son Donates Artistic Photographs for Rehabilitation Patients

    After Steve Mair suffered a debilitating stroke in September 2010, he spent time at Sutter Rehabilitation Institute. There, his then 27-year old son, Elliott, pushed Mair in a wheelchair around the long halls of the rehab center.
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    Irv -

    Irv - From Paralysis to Movement Again

    It happened overnight. Irv woke up from a sound sleep and found he could not move. "It was insane," he said. "I was paralyzed." His wife called 911. Paramedics rushed Irv to Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital.
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    Kristi -

    Kristi - SRI Helps PE Teacher Walk Again

    Idaho native Kristi Lund was enjoying a summer trip to California when a last-minute outing changed her vacation plans for the worst. The athletic, high school PE teacher and varsity volleyball coach went to a trampoline fun-zone with some friends when she landed wrong on the mat.
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    Brad -

    Brad - A Long Road Home

    Brad Barber lay motionless in the Intensive Care Unit at Sutter Roseville Medical Center after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke.  Neurosurgeon Kavian Shahi, M.D., Sutter Neuroscience Institute, treated Brad, who was intubated and closely monitored. The outcome looked grim.  Brad’s wife, Lynda had to tell her grown sons Greg and Spencer, their dad might not make it. 
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