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    Back to Active Lifestyle Thanks to Sutter Wound Care Clinic

    Back to Active Lifestyle Thanks to Sutter Wound Care Clinic
    Back to Active Lifestyle Thanks to Sutter Wound Care Clinic

    25 years ago professional skier Bob experienced a devastating injury while performing a ski stunt, leaving him as a complete paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down; however, he has never let his disability hold him back.

    "Main thing is I'm a dad," the 50-year-old Bob said. "I have a nine-year-old daughter, I snow ski and teach adaptive snow skiing. I ride a hand-peddled bike and also kayak."

    Bob, a writer for "New Mobility," a national magazine for anyone that uses wheelchairs, had to put his active lifestyle on hold after a slight bump on his foot took a turn for the worse.

    "I had broken my hip and was home recovering with a brace when I bumped my left heel," Bob said. "I noticed the typical pressure ulcer. First there was a red area, then it turned black and started to get bigger."

    Although the size of the ulcer was only as big as the head of an eraser, Bob had it looked at by his primary care physician who immediately referred him to Sutter Roseville Medical Center's Wound Care Center.
    Debbie Murray, a physical therapist at the clinic, wasted no time in working to heal the pressure ulcer.

    "As a journalist, I'm really aware on how insanely fast this can get out of control and you can lose a limb," Bob said. "My doctor sent me to Debbie just in the nick of time."

    Bob spent the next four weeks going to the clinic for care and said Debbie worked her magic every time.

    "At each stage of the healing, she knew what kind of product she needed to put in there to make the wound heal," Bob said. "With any kind of pressure ulcer, that expertise makes all difference in the world."

    Bob said Debbie educated him at each appointment, letting him know exactly what she was doing.

    "Unfortunately, with paralysis I've become a patient a lot, and Debbie explained what was going on with my body and that helped my healing," Bob said. "She really included me as part of the healing process, and to me, that's vital."

    A month after his first appointment with Debbie, Bob's pressure ulcer was healed and he went back to participating in the activities he loves. Bob gives credit to the knowledgeable staff at the Wound Care Clinic for the successful outcome.

    "I would absolutely recommend Sutter," Bob said. "I would talk to other members of the wound care staff and I could tell this was the way they all handle things. I would recommend the staff, absolutely."

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