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    Patient Uses Own Experience to Help Others

    Patient Uses Own Experience to Help Others
    Patient Uses Own Experience to Help Others

    Dealing with the stresses of day-to-day life can become overwhelming, but little did 47-year-old David know they could also become life threatening. David, a Roseville native and Safeway butcher, suffered a massive stroke on a crisp November morning. He learned later that his stroke was partly caused by hypertension due to high stress. “I was too caught up in my own merry-go-round in life,” David said. He recalls waking up in the middle of the night feeling dizzy and confused and he knew something was wrong. While heading down his hallway he collapsed and couldn’t feel the entire right side of his body. Amazingly, he was able to crawl back into his bedroom to call 9-1-1. By the time the paramedics had arrived David could hardly speak. Upon arrival at Sutter Roseville Medical Center he couldn’t speak at all.

    After a 3-day stay at Sutter Roseville, David was transferred to Sutter Auburn Faith where he began speech, physical and occupational therapy at the Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit to gain his voice and his strength back. “I knew I was in safe hands,” David said of the rehab unit. He credits Dr. Karanjit Basrai and the nursing and rehabilitation staff for his great recovery. “I was a baby trapped in a man’s body,” David said. He couldn’t speak or write for the first two weeks of rehab, but he managed to belt out the “Happy Birthday” song. Since the stroke affected the left hemisphere of David’s brain, his right hemisphere--the artistic side--was in control causing him to be able to sing before he could even speak. It was then that David found that spark of faith he needed to carry on with his recovery. The therapists were so encouraging for David. “They are the best,” he said. But when it was time to leave, David was reluctant. “I didn’t want to leave because they took such good care of me.”

    David still exercises four-times-per-week in which he attends rehab two of those days and swims at his local gym for the other two days in an effort to get the right side of his body strong enough to return back to work as a Butcher, a job he has enjoyed for 32 years. Because of his great experience with the Sutter hospitals, David now volunteers twice a week in the rehabilitation unit at both Sutter Roseville and Sutter Auburn Faith to help other patients that are going thru the same thing he did. “I’ll volunteer in that hospital for ever and ever,” he said. “I love that place so much.”


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