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    Wound Care Clinic Saved Her Leg

    Wound Care Clinic Saved Her Leg
    Wound Care Clinic Saved Her Leg

    50 years ago, when she was nine years old, Kathy was hit by a car that mangled her left leg. “They managed to save my leg, although my mobility was severely affected,” Kathy explains. “I can walk for short distances, but often use a wheelchair to get around.”

    Because of her injury, Kathy’s left leg has little feeling and very poor circulation. “I have to check it regularly for scratches or bruises since the lack of circulation would inhibit the healing of even a minor cut,” she says. When she discovered a sore on her leg last year, she visited her primary care physician. “He said it was a skin ulcer. We kept an eye on it for a couple months, but it didn’t heal. It didn’t get worse, but it was not getting better. My doctor referred me to a surgeon. After he took a look at it, the surgeon said he couldn’t help me either. I was terrified I might have to have my leg amputated if the ulcer didn’t heal.”

    Kathy was then referred to Sutter Roseville Medical Center’s Wound Care Center. “I had not heard of a wound care center before, but was grateful there was such a thing. It was a long drive from my home – about 70 miles one way,” Kathy says. “I had to visit the center regularly over the next few months. But, it was worth it. They healed me!”

    When Kathy first arrived at the Wound Care Center at Sutter Roseville, she was impressed with the facility and the staff. “It was so modern and clean. And every person I talked to was very friendly, especially the ones who took care of me – Kelly and Cindy were just wonderful,” Kathy says. “The people at the Wound Care Center know what they’re doing. I noticed a dramatic improvement in my ulcer after the very first appointment.”

    Sutter Roseville’s Wound Care Center specializes in treating chronic, non-healing wounds. Each patient is assigned a specialized team that provides a complete diagnostic appraisal and treatment plan. In Kathy’s case, the clinicians performed an invasive cleaning followed by a revised medicine protocol, and both at-home and in-center maintenance care.

    Kathy’s wound healed within four months of her first treatment at the Wound Care Center. “I only wish I had known about them sooner and gone to them first,” says Kathy. “The people at Sutter Roseville's Wound Care Center fixed what my doctor and surgeon couldn’t – and I’m very grateful.”

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